photo by parker hilton

photo by parker hilton

"Hello, I'm Sam. Are you ready to fall in love?"

In fifteen or twenty years, pick up a copy of “From zero too plankton”.  Actually, pick up four or five copies.  Give those copies to your friends and relatives. Hand them out on the streets. Give a copy to your mail-man and your co-workers. It’s nowhere near done yet. Actually it hasn't been started yet. But I promise you, it’s worth the wait. It’s going to be the book of the year. Oprah may not put it on any list, but fuck Oprah. It’s going to be the most entertaining book you read that year, whatever year that may be. You’ll smile, and you’ll laugh through the entire read, you might even cry, if Sam decides to take it there. It’s going to be the story of a self described “giant, male, British, Ellen Degeneres”. Its going to be a story you wish you had lived. Its going to be Sam’s story.

    Joel and I met Sam while he was in the thick of a rant about the rules he plans to raise his future kids under. He was saying, with very clear, well thought-out, concern, that his kids, for their own well being, couldn't hear about his debaucherous past until they were quite old. For the sake of conversation I tried to disagree, he won me over. I’d learn over the next week or so that thats what Sam does, he wins people over. He could win over arenas, even after a few one liners that were miles above the heads of half the crowd.

     Sam knew he was funny. He didn't need laughs to remind him. And if his jokes didn't remind you, he would, aloud, in a delightfully chipper British accent. Because thats what Sam does. 

    During our travels in Guatemala, Sam journeyed along side our beloved van of hooligans and for the week or so that we were working at Mr. Mullets hostel in San Pedro la laguna, I was lucky enough to share a dorm with him. The wit never slowed, and everything he said, no matter how awesomely offensive or off-putting was backed with an ear to ear grin that could melt glaciers, a grin that kicked any offensive bit to the edge of your memory. 

    But Sam’s a complex dude. The wit, the humor, the charm, it could all be flipped. If you caught him in the right moment, or asked the right series of questions he would let compassion and some heart shine through. He could spout romance that is pretty uncommon to the twenty-something hostel crowd. To be honest, the twenty-something hostel crowd doesn't deserve it. But she does, who ever she is. The girl Sam told me he wanted to get back. Hopefully she catches onto Sam’s intentions, but if she doesn't, Sam will remind her when he gets back to England. Sam will probably win her over. Because thats what Sam does.