Alexis and Anders

photo by parker hilton

Alexis may be the smallest friend of the Vanajeros, but she has one of the biggest hearts of them all. Not to mention she’s kind of a badass chick who wears patriotic raccoon shirts on the Fourth of July, and has longstanding prank-offs with her local McDonalds cashier.

  She put us up in Portland, offering a warm and inviting living room to sleep in--with an emphasis on warm because Portland was having a bit of a hit wave when we showed up. Joel experienced the first sleepwalk of his life in that very living room, which makes it an extremely special landmark in the Vanajeros timeline.

Right before we headed out of town Alexis brought over the unbelievably cheerful and drooly boy she nannies, Anders, and we snapped some Polaroids of them together. ‘Twas adorable and a half.