photo by madison perrins

“At some point we decided we had contributed enough to the equine world, and now we’ve decided to set a little more aside for ourselves. We did away with houses, friends, all that stuff. Now it’s the full-on nomad life.”

We saw the sign, it opened up our eyes. We saw the sign. It said “Cuneo Creek Horse Camp." Horse camp? What did it mean? Would humans be allowed in such a place? All the other campsites we had passed were full, so we had to give it a shot. We pulled in and were instantly greeted by this glorious man, Craig.

He informed us that yes, in fact, we could stay there, even though we didn’t have any horses in tow, and we were not horses ourselves. He set us up with a nice steeple and trough nearby, and even hooked us up with some firewood and life advice.

Craig’s done just about everything: lived in houses, on boats, on ranches, raised horses, raised kids, you name it. But now he lives a nomadic lifestyle, never spending too long in one location, keeping possessions and worries to a minimum. He’s a nomad. We’re nomads. All in all it was a pretty uplifting time at the horse camp.