photo by aidan-lynn klimenko

“I was counting the days and then I think at day 100 I stopped counting. I was like "Wait, what am I doing? This isn’t a trip; this is how I live now." This is life, and I don’t want to think of this as a temporary thing anymore.”

Meeting Matt McDonald was a little bit like meeting a celebrity. For the last year and a half, Matt’s been living his own adVANture in his Vanagon, “Donnie." As he cruises and peruses the highways of America, he reflects on life, the universe, and everything in his blog 63mph.

His travels were an early inspiration to Vanajeros, proving not only that long-term vanlife was possible, but that it could also give way to insightful revelations not attainable from anywhere else.

While we were hanging out at the PeaceVans Seattle shop, Matt dropped in for about an hour to deliver to us some of those revelations in person, as well as a platter of ice cold Pacifico: because brilliance is even better when accompanied with cerveza.