photo by parker hilton

"Go! Get out! Move! Enjoy this time you kids have on the road. Us older folks may never understand what you are doing but we don't need to! Get out there and do what you need to do to be the people you want to be."

Early on in our project we were eager to get out and do what we set out to do: meet people and learn about them. So when Parker and Madison were walking down a jetty on a blustery July morning in Oregon, they stopped to talk to the crab fisherman down by the water. The crab fisherman who was also a track and field coach in northern California; the crab fisherman named Seth.

Seth educated them on the ins and outs of crabbing in the Pacific Northwest and gave Madison pointers on beach running. But beyond that, he gave them some insight on what their parents generation probably thinks of the project. Having two kids himself, he talked about what he would think if his kids went on such an adventure; his potential worries and how he would approach it as a dad. 

It was interesting to hear someone you’ve never talked to before talk as if he was your father. It was strangely comforting in a way. You could tell having kids changed him for the better. He was worried for us and the troubles that potentially lay ahead, but he made the point that if his kids went on a journey like ours he wouldn’t try for a second to stop them.