Alberto and Diederick

photo by aidan lynn-klimenko

"I'm the brains, he's the muscle."

What’s the manliest adventure you can think of? Does it involve Mongolia, horses, and giant knives? Chances are that might be a tad too specific to relate to, but on the off chance that you can, then Alberto and Diederick would be your kind of guys.

Shortly after becoming fast friends in Paris, this pair determined they ought to be travel buddies. Alberto told us, laughing, that one night over what was probably a fair amount of drinks, he had declared to Diederick that he wanted to embark on a manly adventure. This feat could, of course, only be accomplished by traveling to Mongolia, buying horses, and trotting through the countryside whilst brandishing giant knives at their sides. Actually, giant firearms would have been preferable, but too complicated, so knives would have to do.

The outlandish plan made it past the barstool stage, and the two of them booked their tickets to Mongolia and headed out in search of new equine companions. Being that neither of them spoke Mongolian and also knew nothing about horses, this was no easy task. They befriended an English-speaking Mongolian who was curious about Westerners, and he helped them air ads on the local radio until they finally found a pair of stallions for a fair price.

They spent a month in the mountains of Mongolia learning how to ride their friendly new beasts, christened Rabio and Towelie. At the end of the journey, they sold the horses and gallivanted all the way back to Paris to continue their studies at university.