photo by aidan lynn-klimenko

"Let's plan on having a beer or seven tomorrow."

Jad Josey is the general manager of GoWesty in Los Osos, California, but we know him better as the spiritual guide for the Vanajeros.

We are convinced that the only thing Jad loves more than VW vans is his wife and two daughters. In fact, he doesn't own a single non-van-related t-shirt.

We were nervous about meeting Jad. GoWesty is our largest sponsor and is playing a huge role in keeping us on the road--what if he didn't like us? What if we gave him the wrong first impression? We're pretty likable people, but who knows, what if we screw this up?

Looking back, it seems silly.

Within minutes of arriving in Los Osos, he had us sitting around a table at his favorite Mexican lunch spot, each of us with cold Pacificos in hand. Jad has a glow to him, and it's intoxicatingly welcoming. 

We spent a week camping in the GoWesty parking lot, while Jad oversaw all the work that went into getting Sandy road-ready. When we left, we didn't know when we'd see Jad next, but we knew we had made a lasting friend.