"If I can make it there, to that damned spot, I will be a fucking god!"

photo by aidan lynn-klimenko

The love saga of the van and the bicycle is bound to be a lengthy one. Assuming of course that we cut our pace in half, and he doubles his daily distances. Javier has been trekking around the globe on his bicycle since October 1st of last year, peddling away from Kilometer Zero on a highway in Spain; journeying through the Middle East and Southeast Asia before flying to the Pacific Northwest and heading south down the west coast of the U.S. and into Baja.

We met him during a four-hour hold up in central Baja, where we discussed campsites to meet at on the other side of the temporary hurricane-fueled river that was blocking the road.  We helped him cross with his bicycle. Once the river drained enough we played catch up, meeting again just before the campsite.  We shared drinks and stories from the road until calling it a night, and ultimately parting ways in the morning. 

If you’re traveling through Central/South America later this year, or Africa early next year, keep an eye out for the cyclist waving the Spanish flag with a Vanajeros sticker on his bike (lovingly placed right under a sticker for his favorite restaurant chain, In-N-Out burger).

Javier insistently told us that his goal is to get right back to the spot he started at almost a year ago, Kilometer Zero. If he can do that, his life goal for the last two years will be fully realized, and he will “be a f%$@ing god."

We wish Javier and his wife (bike) all the best, and that we continue to see him cruising down the road as we both move further south.

Check out his story at www.coloradoontheroad.com