photo by aidan lynn-klimenko

"I just want to help people." 

We met Rolando in the shade of a taco stand on a blazing hot day in Guererro Negro. I overheard him mentioning to the two German girls he was traveling with that the oasis wasn’t far. Oasis?! Hell yes. I nearly dropped my taco. Central Baja, like the rest of Baja, is pretty damn hot, and after a week or two of vanlife and ocean baths, fresh water and shade sounded ideal. Plus, Rolando had an air of kindness about him and his invitation to camp alongside them was welcoming.

When we found his red pickup in San Ignacio later that evening, parked under a palapa (straw sun shelter) next to a quiet lake, we knew we had made it. Rolando is from La Paz, Baja’s largest city, but is living on the mainland studying medicine and volunteering at the animal rescue shelter Adopta Obregon. He was interested in our project and said that after he was done with school, he wanted to travel while offering medical attention.

Every once in a while you happen across people that are pure-hearted and genuinely kind, it didn’t take long to realize Rolando was one of these few. 

photo by aidan lynn-klimenko