Joey and Libby

photo by parker hilton

"If you've got nowhere else to go, just face them. Look 'em right in the eye."

Joey and Libbie’s place was the first stop Sandy made after she left Bozeman (and went back to Bozeman after 15 minutes, and then left Bozeman again). Joey’s shifting figure in the lamplight outside their house on a hill was waiting to welcome us when we arrived after one in the morning. At that time, he and Libbie were just weeks from being Mr. and Mrs. They met the same place that we all had: in Bozeman, in photo school. Joey and Libbie’s walls were covered, of course, in photos, and a hand-stitched map of roadtrips they’d taken together. The spiral staircase to nowhere in the living room was stacked with photography books.

Libbie gave the best piece of insight I’ve received on this trip so far to me the next afternoon as we talked about this aspect of travelling or that. It’s common knowledge that the desert doesn’t provide one much cover for doing their business, and I was travelling with three guys. Libbie pointed out that there’s an advantage to our anatomy: if you face them and squat, no one has to see what’s going on. I was astounded that I had never thought of this before, and a little sad that it wasn’t the time to stick around to see what else Libbie had figured out about life, because after hearing that and after seeing how happy she and Joey are together, I think she’s on to something. 

photo by madison perrins