photo by parker hilton

Alright, we need to get right out in front of this and say YES the Vanajeros did spend a day at Six Flags in Los Angeles, but NO we did not spend any of our traveling budget on it. We were actually treated to a day at Six Flags by a friend of the Vanajeros who will remain anonymous. This was no average amusement park day, though. No way. This was the full package, VIP status. That meant we would get to go to the front of every line, have our share of free food all day long, and a tour guide who would take us from place to place in the massive maze that is Magic Mountain.

That tour guide was Kevin, our beloved chaperone through one of the most epicly memorable days of our lives. We had only to point at a ride and say “That one,” and five minutes later Kevin would be buckling us into the front seats and collecting our cameras and sunglasses, while we apologized to those in line whose places we just stole.

We screamed, we hollered, we rode almost 50 roller coasters in one day and Kevin held our hand the whole way. Not literally, but you get it. Kevin is the man.