How to Start an Adventure


Here’s our best answer: four friends, all artists. Thankfully one or two of us have practical streaks that can sometimes keep our feet on the ground, and thankfully the others don’t. We’re getting in Aidan’s van, and we’re leaving for South America and going home at the same time.

We’re trading the companion of restlessness in for one that might help us better shape our work. We will probably mess up because we don’t have it all figured out. That’s okay. We will have the support of the awesome Westy community, fellow travelers, and most importantly, each other.

We will have room to think, meander, grow, and to push. We love what we do, and I guess we’re along for the ride.

Right now, the hardest part is that we’re not together.

Joel and I (Madison) are in Montana, trying to wait out this icy winter. At the time of this blog post, Parker has not been heard from for a week (he’s in Asia). Aidan has the most difficult task right now of just staying put after a huge surgery (we can’t wait ‘til the brace is off!).

Until the adventure is underway, check out each of our work and a little bit about us for those who want to see the faces behind the van.