Kickstarter: nerve-wracking, tough, and worth it.

Here we are. O, si tu hablas español, aquí estamos (Aidan says there’s nothing that’ll prepare us for suddenly needing to speak a different language, even though I’ve been practicing. ¡Mierda!).

We’ve passed the halfway point of our timeline for the Kickstarter fundraising campaign, but I don’t really want to go on about that—I’d rather get to the point of this post: you.

Each of the Vanajeros were tasked with making a list of 150 people that we needed to get in contact with to spread the word about our project. At first, it seemed like the most difficult thing the group has had to do so far.

There are people I was intimidated to talk to—people I admired from a distance, or those whom I just wasn’t sure what kind of terms we were on. The insight from this experience has been that those things don’t matter: no one is getting enough of those types of e-mails where someone is curious about what’s happening in their lives.

Each time I pick up my phone and see a message about a new backer from someone I reached out to, I just stare at it. I don’t expect anything to come of the messages I’ve been firing off, and repeatedly the genuine interest, warm words, and generosity have made it worth that second or two when I’m hovering over the Send button, wondering if the message is a good idea.

I’m excited to maintain these neglected connections. I really, really doubt that I would have had the courage to reach out if this project hadn’t pushed me into it.  Each member of the group thought this aspect of the project would start when the engine of our studio/van/home did on the first day of travel. To my surprise, it started a long time ago—all the way back when to when I met you.

¡Muchas gracias, amigos!

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