August 16th 2014

Vanajeros Day 44

Ensenada, Mexico



Hey Gang,


            Just as the clock ticked past 11 P.M. the last Domino was thrown down with a triumphant “Domino!” by Aidan as the last tile clanked down on our aluminum camp table. The night was wearing on and our limited supply of Pacifico’s was thinning but damnit, there was reason to celebrate.  After five weeks of trekking south through the states the van was finally sitting on the boarder. Geared up to cross into Mexico.  As we watched the cigarette smoke drift past the edges of our awning, ultimately fading against the stars, we couldn’t help but reflect on our journey and the people we spent time with during the first couple of weeks. 

            I’ve come to find that my favorite part of travel is that you’re always on the move, exploring new areas, tasting new things, and meeting new people.   Coincidentally, my least favorite part of travel is that you’re always on the move, never really leaving enough time to crack the surface of an area, allowing just enough time for a taste before you move on, and forming amazing relationships that are built on a fleeting ideal that although you may share time and perhaps some incredible experiences together the friendship is destined to part ways.

            Over the last five weeks all four of us have discovered new areas of new places and met and photographed some remarkable people in those places, only to sever those relationships with a packed van and a loosely configured twelve-hour itinerary. But on the other end of that departure there was always a new introduction, a new location and new friends. 

            That begs the question, is this mobile land-of-misfit-toys destined to be a series of warm greetings and heartbreaking departures? I guess a thought process like that really leads nowhere productive.  Any glance to our future pulls up inevitable worry.  Worry about the project, about our individual creative paths, about where we’ll sleep tomorrow, worries that have no immediate answer. In the present, In that moment, at the tail end of our beers as the last camp chairs were getting packed up none of those worries matted.  We’ve made it far from home and had a reason to enjoy the moment. 

            Low and behold I’m writing this just south of Ensenada, Mexico.  We found a place to sleep. It’s awesome.


Talk soon,