Los Osos, CA

Vanajeros-Day 24


Hey Gang,


            As I’ve said in previous conversations this project has already proven to be an exercise in patience and teamwork.  Everything we plan or attempt to plan takes, on average, three times longer than expected.  When we initially rolled out of Montana I told my friends in San Diego to expect us in a week…that was 3 weeks ago, we’re still at least 6 days out. 

           That’s not intended to be a complaint.  Like I said, this is an exercise.  At first our pace bothered the hell out of me, I’m beginning to realize it bothered everyone a fair bit.  But as the days moved on and we began seeing and doing more, it clicked.  The pace is the reason we’re doing this the way we are.  We’re traveling in an old beat up van because it’s going to force us to take our time.  All four of us said that a thousand times over when we talked about the project but I suppose we never actually braced for it to happen, we’re going to have to slow down. 

            That being said I’m writing this from the lobby of GoWesty. We planned to be here on the 22nd, we got here on the 23rd.  We were planning on being out by the 25th, it’s now the 29th.  But the fact of the matter is that we’re having an unbelievable time here and meeting some incredible new people. I’m not going to be the one to try and hurry that along.

            So we’ve hunkered down, maybe leaving this afternoon…probably leaving tomorrow morning.  You would think that we would be digging for the silver lining while camping in a parking lot. But were making life-long friends and getting a fair amount of work for the project done. I haven’t heard anyone complain about that.

            If all goes accordingly we swing through Santa Barbara tonight and on to LA tomorrow morning for a few days. But, we move at the pace of the van.