Day 1

Just outside Bozeman, MT



Hey Gang,


            This message marks the opening of the sails.  With the 4th of July and our departure lining up, our friends threw together a river float/BBQ yesterday and lent a hand with all of the last minute repairs we had to tinker on today.  The wheels are finally turning and at 10 PM on July 5th I can official say that the Vanajeros project has started.  Between yesterday and tonight there was a fair amount of tears shed but we’re finally on the road. 

            Tonight’s leg of the trip will be a short one, Bozeman to Missoula, about three hours. It’s a late start but after so many delays and hold-ups I think we were all eager just to prove to ourselves that we could actually get the van packed and rolling.  It was a lively, light hearted first few miles but as the sun faded off behind the Bridger’s the radio was the only thing to be heard in these 80sq feet.  The reality of it all was starting to set in.

            As it stands we have Missoula tonight and Cour’d a Lane, Idaho tomorrow then off to the Hoh rainforest in Washington and a visit with a partner in Seattle for a day or two.  I’ll have my normal phone number and steady Internet access in the states so feel free to call/email.  Once we cross the boarder in a month or so that may be a different story.  I’m gonna try and send out an email like this every week or two with an update on our whereabouts and the happenings. Talk soon and welcome to #vanlife.