August 12th, 2014

San Diego, CA

Vanajeros-Day 38



Hey Gang,    


            Montana to San Diego by car, quick flight back to Montana for the wedding and now here I am sitting back in San Diego waiting for the van to cruise back around to pick me back up.  At this point I’ve left Montana, for good, four or five times and, damn it, I can’t seem to stay away from that place.

            The wedding went perfectly. Two very good friends of mine decided to get hitched and for one reason or another placed me at the helm.  After getting ordained by the “church of the latter-day dude” (I swear that’s a real thing, look it up) I wielded that power vested in me and helped them tie the knot.  Birds chirping, sun beaming through the trees, and tears of joy a-plenty it couldn’t have been a more beautiful ceremony. 

            Parting ways from the van for a period of time was strange.  After spending over a month making the van home and then leaving for five days felt a bit, odd.  But, I actually couldn’t be happier with it.  Leaving the van meant spending the better part of a week on the outside.  Looking over our Instagram, revisiting our initial mission statements, talking to a wide range of other photographers and travelers who all had really solid input on what we’re doing and how we’re presenting it, all great feedback that I can’t wait to bring back to the crew.

            That being said, they plan on being back in San Diego tomorrow and then after a quick break we head to the boarder.  Finally, Mexico bound.  

Talk soon,