Vanajeros: Life in Motion 

We sat on the Ecuadorian side of the Colombia/Ecuador border, probably the most beautiful of our trip: lush trees and an old, stonework bridge spanned a dramatic gulch, a small tumbling river churned at its bottommost point. I wasn’t looking at that, though. I actually couldn’t see anything around me. My head was between my legs, and I stared at the faded corduroy of our van’s seats, numb to most everything. Music: "Por los Vanajeros" by Frank Caito and "Un hoja en Blanco" by Omar Geles y Esmeralda Orozco


Just when we think we've got the hang of things, the script gets flipped. Movement gives way to stasis as circumstances beyond our control leave us dealing with perhaps the most difficult aspect of the trip so far: waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Thwarted expectations come between us and our best mental states, but an acceptant sort of peace emanating from the project itself, and the gorgeous landscapes of Central America that have come to comfort us, are never too far away.


This chapter of the story marks the halfway point of the journey to Ecuador of the van named Sandy and her four increasingly road-tested & road-ready passengers—but not everything was making progress. Creative work is what we love, but this project that we’d fashioned was creating more questions than confidence. We had the brains, we had the gear. But what do you do when a project is not quite coming together like you thought it might?


At 6 am on August 17th, the four of us crossed over into Mexico. Living, traveling and working in the van can be tough sometimes, and we came to greet some things you just can't prepare for. Through unexpected trials and unexpected delights, the road showed us what we can depend on: an ever-changing cultural backdrop, adventure and anxiety as constant companions, and a new vista every morning that we open the sliding door. Music: Fiery Crash by Andrew Bird Mykonos by Fleet Foxes 


We packed our bags, we loaded up, we moved out, and moved into the van. Here is a portrait of our progress through the U.S., and the 5 weeks it took us to get to our first border crossing into Mexico. By the time you read this, our passports will be stamped, we'll be out of cell service, and dusting off our high school Spanish skills. This is our look back at our time spent together in the infancy of our travels, right until the moment we crossed into the territory that will make this project the one we envisioned. Thanks to all the people we met along the way, and to our various tour guides we had as we traversed along the coast. Music: Super-Sonic by The Brian Jonestown Massacre Zebra by Beach House 

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